Our wide range of customs services is focused on streamlining, securing, and legalizing your import and export processes.

ServiceCustoms Agent

Our customs clearance service stands out for its efficiency. We process sea shipments in 4 business days and air shipments in 3 business days, ensuring a quick and hassle-free release of your merchandise. We understand that time is crucial in the world of logistics and international trade, so we work tirelessly to streamline the process and keep your goods flowing smoothly.

ServiceCustoms consulting

Our advisory service is designed to provide you with expert guidance in all aspects of foreign trade and customs legislation. We have a team of highly trained professionals ready to address all your questions and needs. We offer detailed guidance on special regimes and also provide essential information about the costs of each shipping line, so you can make informed decisions and effectively minimize your expenses. We are here to help you navigate the world of international trade successfully.

ServiceCargo consolidation

As a cargo consolidator, we have a Consolidation and Deconsolidation service that is in the hands of our valuable business partners at Consolidados Latinoamericanos J.C, C.A. This partnership allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive solution for cargo management, ensuring efficiency and reliability at all times. We are committed to simplifying your logistics process and providing a hassle-free shipping experience.

ServiceCargo Distribution Center

Our Cargo Distribution Center is a reliable resource for the storage of nationalized goods, and we make it available to you through the expertise of Corporación Lesam, C.A. We offer secure external storage services and the flexibility to safeguard your merchandise for as long as you need. Additionally, we handle container unloading and merchandise distribution, providing a comprehensive solution for your logistical needs. Your goods will be in good hands with us.

Storage for nationalized goods managed by Corporación Lesam, C.A.

ServiceNational Land Freight Transportation

Our national land freight transportation service is known for its efficiency and safety. We have a fleet of vehicles equipped with satellite tracking that ensures constant supervision of your cargo. Thanks to our collaboration with trusted partners like Transporte Industrial Cass, C.A., we can offer highly competitive rates. Additionally, we are committed to sustainability and comply with essential requirements, such as the RACDA Permit (Registry of Activities Capable of Degrading the Environment) and the RESQUIM (National Unique Registry of Operators of Controlled Chemical Substances). Trust us for safe and regulated transportation nationwide.

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