About US

About US

We are a customs agency committed to meeting your needs, providing you with security and confidence in the efficient management of your customs processes.

About Inv Altamirano

We are an organization with over 30 years of experience, dedicated to customs brokerage, duly authorized and registered to act as Customs Agents before the “Servicio Nacional Integrado de Administración Aduanera y Tributaria” (SENIAT) under No. 949, published in Official Gazette No. 34,324 on October 11, 1989, with a permanent status, to carry out Import, Export, and Transit of Goods operations at the main customs offices in La Guaira and Puerto Cabello, as well as at the Maiquetía Air Customs.

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The company was born out of the need for a personalized, optimal, and efficient professional service in our country to provide our clients with suitable advice that allows them to streamline international logistics processes and minimize costs.


To offer alternatives and solutions to our clients for the optimal development of their customs processes, based on our extensive experience through timely and efficient logistical management, providing them with a professional and personalized service, being their best allies.


To be recognized as a comprehensive customs services company present in the entire international trade logistics chain, expanding our range of services and always maintaining our efficiency and quality through continuous improvement of our processes.

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We offer a wide range of customs services, including consolidation, distribution center, consultancy, transportation, and much more to meet your team's needs.